April 4th Spring Fling and May 30th I have prom. That extra pop of color does wonders for my complexion and my eyes! Like I said, I'm a Natural redhead and right now my hair dye is fading and I have two Dances coming up. I just have no idea how to without damaging hair, and like what color would look good with my skin tone/light brows. Sometimes my … Or you can add indigo, amla or walnut husks to get a more brownish/red color. Sometimes my hair goes more Auburn or strawberry blonde depending on the season. I’d recommend going to your local drugstore, seeing what brands they have, and reading reviews. What is reddit's opinion on this? My hair naturally is blondish-red but its just such a boring color I dye it a bright strawberry blonde. I really just want to dye my hair a fun color (purple, blue, I dont care!) Hey, checking in! And i have dyed my hair a few times, but the thing is that redheads have very light skin tone, which makes dark hair colors look way way way too dramatic!! With some know-how, redheads can still color their locks. If it helps I would so LOVE to be a natural redhead :love4: I actually dye my hair red (naturally dark blonde with a slight reddish hue - my mom is a natural redhead) because it goes so much better with my coloring and looks like I should have red hair naturally. Buy a brown dye that is a shade darker than your red hair. I am a natural redhead, 100% ginger. Many redheads turn white. I was typically the only redhead in a room, and it was often the first thing people would comment on when meeting me. Allow your red hair to transition into your blonde shade of choice with a gradient of color from roots to ends. RCW, I've been eyeing henna for a while because I'm interested in gloss, strength, etc. It's not really your natural pigment that makes it not stick (as long as you are trying to go darker, not lighter) but how healthy and nonporous your hair is. Since I received so many messages regarding my red hair dye and how I maintain it so well, I decided to make a video of the products I use for red hair. I'm loving all of these responses! Remember the positive spirit of TheGirlSurvivalGuide. Every time I ask my good girl friends they get irrationally angry at me. There’s plenty to keep your ginger shade topped up: henna-infused hair products for redheads, pure henna dye, high-street permanent and semi-permanent dyes, and even cranberry juice does the job. To dye your ginger mane a different color and get noticeable results, you will first have to strip your natural color out with bleach. If you have light red hair, you'll want a developer with a low volume, like 10. You can purchase bleach and developer from your local beauty supply store. Okay, I know from the title your like "WTF". Once you have bleached your hair, you can move right into the dyeing process. Avoid heat styling as much as possible and go for it!! Find a colorist - not just a stylist, someone who specializes in color - who knows how to minimize damage, ask for an upfront consultation, and pay the extra for a keratin treatment or Olaplex. Have you ever wondered what color you should dye your hair. You might have some luck with semi- or demi-permanent dyes that don't lift. Written by Liv Fleischhacker. Pale skin, light eyelashes/eyebrows, coppery hair. Is there anything you guys have always wanted to try with your hair, yet been too scared to? wow! Doesn't bother me at all, but I can spot it a mile away. It’s going to be hard to get results on virgin hair (especially such a vibrant color). But it’s taken me a while to accept one small fact; I’m not […] how to find your perfect red hair color Red shades are either copper, blue, or purple-based—but there’s a whole lot more to it than just picking your favorite undertone. To get your red hair to blonde or platinum, you’ll need to bleach it to lighten the color, then tone it until it’s the shade of blonde you want. Choose a semi-permanent dye if you aren't ready to commit to being a brunette just yet, or pick a permanent dye for longer-lasting coverage. Does it have any negative effects on the hair? “When choosing a new hair color, you want to echo what nature believes is the best shade for you. Though your hair may be as porous/receptive as blonde hair, I really don’t know, but I feeeeeel like you will need to lift at least a little of the color, if only so it’s more of a blank canvas for whatever color you want to uptake. There is a great website. I'd recommend trying out a blonde to start with, let it rest for awhile, and then go from there. I imagine that temporary dyes are also less damaging. I think henna would be a wonderful option for you-you would still get to keep the red, but, as RCW stated, it will be a much richer tone and healthier. (My hair is shoulder length.). ... All these Americans in hair dye threads talking about stuff I can't get hold of! Press J to jump to the feed. Bleach burns the hair full of holes so the dye has places to stick in to. I've had the same shade of red hair all my life. When it comes to taking your hair from natural earthy tones to those resembling fire, the first thing you want to do is think about your skin tone so that you can pair it with a complementary shade of red. A survival guide of "life pro-tips" for the everyday girl. She went from bright red to a muted reddish brown. To anyone that has natural blonde or red hair, never dye it! Take the quiz. One time I did a wash out dye on the ends of my hair and I LOVED it.