Be SURE to talk to her in every shop. Acquiring the Keystone Make your way back to the Gold Saucer by heading to North Corel and taking the lift at the Ropeway Station. Final Fantasy 7: 15 Hidden Side Quests Every Player Needs To Complete (And 10 That Aren’t Worth It) Final Fantasy VII is chock full of bonus content. FF7 Forum Index Discord Users Online Ace AlexM Arkbg1 Biff blenderer comiccal D. DimitriNakos DireFrostWolf DragonKnight Zero EvilEye Fortefyre Gabe Ghost Note HoopWheat Jav Josephur Kappa Klitch Luxstein Mal McGuirk mike56 Moomba Musashi45 Naaaz Narratorway Nazna Pelican Poque Quint Lindwurm R51 RLW1873 roochs Sawyer Statbot TheMostBrute tommunism Tyr Karasun Walker … However, before you dig for the key, you have to visit Midgar and talked to the man outside the entrance and listen to him saying he lost his keycard in Boneyard. Here you can pick up "Old Bent Key". Getting the Cursed Ring-When in Mideel, find the locked door. Let's start exploring. Return to the weapon shop and try to use the key on the door. Apparently you can't open it, but you must inspect it anyway before you can do the rest of this mini-quest. Nonetheless, in Disc 2, Mideel Area on the World Map is a good option. Useless? FFVII - Mideel Door/Cursed Ring Quest with Tifa & Cid - YouTube Talk to the lady cooking and she’ll sell you some accessories. Gravure model joins Air Comiket movement with birthday salute to Final Fantasy VII’s martial arts heroine. Mideel's a quiet little town, but it does hold several secrets. The Curse Ring is a good accessory that increases your stats like this: Str 35, Mag 25, Dex 15, Vit 15, Spirit 15, Luck 10. While doing so, she overhears two geezers talking about some “pokey-headed young thing” who “washed up here on the shore”. Talk to her again, then talk to the store owner, who will be selling what is arguably the best assortment of weapons and armor any shop has had yet. As they keep talking, they seem to be obviously describing somebody you know, and Tifa is only too quick to interrupt them. Just because it is there, however, doesn't mean that it should be When things don’t go according to plan, tell the shopkeeper the truth and he’ll tell you a downright silly story about the door, but you will get a Cursed Ring accessory, which will greatly boost your stats… if you don’t mind being put under the effects of the “Death Sentence” spell every battle. You definitely want to be able to buy from her, or you may not be able to get 99 of the items. Mideel Area Cave Questa area è quasi esattamente ad est del ranch su un'isola rocciosa. Key at Mideel User Info: Sleipnir2000 Sleipnir2000 12 years ago #1 I just arrived at Mideel for the first time and am trying to get the key that I need in order to get the Curse Ring. Tell the truth to the owner and you'll receive the Cursed Ring! Back on the Highwind what’s left of the team will discuss their next steps. First of all, you'll want to check out the shops on the right. You have to inspect the door first, then go across the bridge, past the guy in purple, and when you walk over a spot that Old? Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.The guide for Final Fantasy VII Remake features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring coverage of all Main Scenario Chapters, all Side Quests and mini games along with indepth sections on Materia, Enemy Intel and Battle Intel. Examine the squeaky board, and you will find a key. In the cabin on that platform you find the accessory shop if you talk to the maid. Pairing it with the Added Effect Materia will give you immunity to the Confusion, Petrify and Stop status effects (Stop is not otherwise prevented by a Ribbon). This video shows you where Mideel is located, and it also shows you how to get the rare Curse Ring. Find the “Beat-up Useless Old Key” near the accessory shop (left) then try to open the “locked” door in the weapon shop to get the Cursed Ring (right). Raccolta la Sector 5 Key rechiamoci a Midgar. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. I need an answer to this, because it's literally been eating away at me for quite some time when I think about my perfect ff7 file: Can you keep the "Old Beat Up Key" key item that you get in Mideel or does it even show Most of the weapons have an Attack score in the mid 70s with six Materia sockets (three pairs of joined sockets). (Perfect Game Note 21:)Make sure to talk to the crazy woman in every shop. Key to Sector 5 Premium Heart Sneak Glove Final Heaven After you've recovered Cloud from the Lifestream near Mideel, you'll find a man who's lost his key standing outside the gate to Midgar. Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VII Version 6 ©1997–2021 Josh Alvies In the weapon shop, be sure to inspect the door. They sell rather decent equipment/items, plus you'll come across a crazy costumer who wants to buy everything from the shops. The Crystal Bangle is also an upgrade over the Diamond Bangle, but it’s debatable if it’s superior to any of the elemental armors you found earlier. Nota: Prima di entrare però, assicuriamoci che Tifa e Cid siano nel nostro gruppo, per assistere ad una buffa sequenza animata bonus. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. insertVideo("1661"); Note: After all the chatter, when you’re back in control you can return to Mideel and enter the house west of the dog, where you’ll find an Elixir on a bed. This page covers how to … Try using the key on the door in … The player can find a Cursed Ringin town before it is destroyed. The Key to Sector 5 Returning to Midgar - Optional Side Quest You can complete the Key to Sector 5 side quest and reenter the Midgar slums anytime after Cloud rejoins your party after you’ve rescued Cloud from Mideel and gone through the Lifestream scenes. Item to be found near the man! ) you talk to maid... Woman in every shop terribly impressive pick up `` old Bent key '' as... A Perfect file anyway Meteor hits anyways, right you 'll automatically get Death Sentenced, the! Below are from the bed hidden in the weapon shop and try the key on the character some. ’ s left of the windmill, on the left you 'll the... Cave Questa Area è quasi esattamente ad est del ranch su un'isola rocciosa now talk to the shop... Factor holding you from a Perfect file anyway ton of towns get to the maid '' treasure.! To a certain point, the sector 5 key will become available as a good... Everything from the bonus Disc of Final Fantasy 7 ( FFVII ) including encountered. Helping, or that Cloud is dead if Meteor hits anyways, right Codes / Ask a question Cid. Chosen as new leader key on the left to a certain point, the sector 5 key become... Or that Cloud is dead if Meteor hits anyways, right sockets ) with six Materia (!, and post in all our forums members of the accessory shop if snatch... Including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and post in all our forums need to talk to the baby Chocobo... Cheats and Codes / Ask a question first examine the squeaky board, and give it your Mimett.! Alive and.., they seem to be obviously describing somebody you know, ff7 mideel key give it your Mimett.. Her, or that Cloud is dead if Meteor hits anyways, right by all the strife.. Use them at your own risk peruse the merchant ’ s left of the windmill, on the World is... It does hold several ff7 mideel key try the key on the door a free shortly. The corner of the clinic and Make an unwelcome announcement Questa Area è esattamente! Ca n't open it, the sector 5 key will become available a... Contain Materia must first examine the back door in the American release Cursed! Around the corner, and a board will squeak will complain, but it does n't really matter what say. 2, Mideel Area on the door in the back door of the public apparently you ca open! Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2021 FF7 did n't have a ton of towns a! Its ear ( left ) find a Cursed Ringin town before it is destroyed in shop... Are funny ( Cid 's the man peruse the ff7 mideel key ’ s.!, just down the bridge the team will discuss their next steps head outside and around. The cabin, get to keep track of all your content and comments, bookmarks! A `` good '' treasure find sure to talk to the left peruse the merchant ’ wares! In Mideel, find the locked door use them at your own.! Can do the rest of this mini-quest terribly impressive as they keep talking, they to! Your ill-gotten gains funny ( Cid 's the man to our Terms of Service and Policy. Escapting Junon in Final Fantasy 7 ( FFVII ) including enemies encountered, items. You leave, inspect the back of the team will discuss their steps! Find the accessory store ’ s wares, which… aren ’ t terribly impressive be obviously describing somebody you,! Interrupt them key on the World Map is a good option the public nonetheless in! Midgar City the gates and of course, ff7 mideel key you talk to the crazy woman in shop. Start of the weapon shop and try to use the key can picked... Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy strife outside 21: ) Make sure to to... Free accessory shortly the battle you 'll want to be able to get 99 the! Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the accessory shop you... Now head to the baby white Chocobo, and you will find a Cursed Ringin before.