And if you're a metro Detroiter looking for a quick trip out of the country, a drive to Canada may be on your agenda. USE THE CANADIAN NAME FOR THE CROSSING. Visitors are required to have the necessary travel documentation and be in good health. 1 meter=3.27', so 13'6"=4.128m, and 102"=8'6"=2.60m. Please consult a professional in these areas. Whether you are returning home or visiting, you will follow the same straightforward process to enter Canada. Canada Border Services Canada Border Services Calls within Canada (toll free) English: 800-461-9999 French: 800-959-2036 TTY: 866-335-3237 Calls from outside Canada (long-distance charges apply) English: 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 French: 204-983-3700 or 506-636-5064, Search for More Trucker Information on Canada. The minimum required age is 18 years old. This page contains links to information about the FAST Program, Transport Canada, and other information pertaining to Canadian Federal Commercial Motor Vehicle rules and requirements. Not all shipments are Line Release. Because Canada's only land border is shared with the United States, trade opportunities specific to the two countries have been created with a set of requirements that make easier to obtain access passes for drivers with passports from both countries. Your US CDL license will likely make it easy for you to get the appropriate license in Canada (for vehicles classes 1 to 3). What you need to know before driving to Canada. We took the train form Vancouver to Calgary and recommend that you consider that trip in your vacation plans. TORONTO, Ont. Follow the instructions for Box 4. YOU MUST PUT THE AMERICAN CROSSING THERE. For citizens of VWP-designated countries entering by … If your shipment is on both trialers, then put both plate numbers with the '&' to attach them together. You are allowed 40 tonnes on a typical American 5-axle rig, which means 88,000lbs total. Your trip will be much easier and quicker if you have the proper paperwork prior to trying to cross the border. Use 'VARIOUS' for more that one location. Under no circumstance will Speedingticketcentral be held liable for any loss or damage caused by a visitor's reliance on information obtained through this web site. Truck drivers seeking entry into Canada who have a past criminal background including DUI can now apply for rehabilitation. This means on November 1, 2012, highway carriers that do not comply with the requirement to electronically transmit cargo and conveyance data ahead of arrival at the border will be denied entry and will face zero-rated (non-monetary) penalties. does not allow the driver to keep earnings from backhaul loads (these are loads of freight that allow a truck driver to return to their home base with a loaded truck, rather than an empty one) pays or reimburses the truck driver for any helpers needed to load or unload the cargo you will find anglophones in most urban locations, but few in rural communities. You need to show your current vehicle registration, and show a valid credit card under the same name. Additionally, there is a provincial sales tax. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT COVER UP ANY WRITING. It's summer travel season. CANADIAN CARRIER CODE Carrier code is a four character unique identifier that is assigned by CBSA to identify a carrier. A TWIC card only applies to the drivers and not the passengers. If you get caught, you go to prison. Many companies will require that you be enrolled in FAST in order to be considered for hire as a truck driver. Canada is invoking the Quarantine Act to impose mandatory self-isolation for international travelers entering the country. Money: The Canadian dollar is currently worth about 94 cents US. You must not have any police record for the last 5 years. If more that one location then put 'Various'. (Most times this is the same as the location in the Shippers block) Name of Carrier is the trucking companies name you are driving for. If more than one then use 'VARIOUS'. This lasts 6 weeks every spring, and is announced by a small white sign with black letters sayin "Degel", when you enter a region. Manifest to is the crossing you are at now. Column 4 is where you put the receivers name and address. Manifest from is the Canadian crossing you are at now. Entry into Canada is solely determined by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials in accordance with Canadian law. We have experts online to answer your LEGAL question RIGHT NOW!!! Much of the following information may be out of date now that Canada has started requiring use of eManifest. Next you will need a blank (some places have a partially filled out) Inward Cargo Manifest (ICM) form. Now if you have PAPS stickers, NOT PARS, then attach one to the ICM and one your Commercial invoice and fax to the Customs Broker. If the offense is over 10 years old you are automatically considered rehabilitated but you still may have trouble convincing the border guard. Lawful permanent residents of Canada need to present a passport and visa to enter the US unless they are a citizen of a VWP-designated country. You will need to do a medical screening with a professional, train according to Canadian truck-driving laws and pass a written test before applying. Most places in Canada allow a maximum of 9 axles. To enter Canada, you will need to be working with a Canadian customs broker. Initiated after 9/11, this innovative trusted traveler/trusted shipper program allows expedited processing for commercial carriers who have completed background checks and fulfill certain eligibility requirements.FAST Prior to entering into Canada, you will need to set up your company with the CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) and apply for a carrier code. Written by. For Lawful Permanent Residents Permanent residents of Canada and the US are required to have a valid passport and proof of permanent residence before they can enter Canada via land, air, or water. Drivers cannot drive after being on-duty for 15 hours. Consignee Name and Address is where you put that information. in certain areas outside of Montreal there are still places that don't allow right on reds, usually they have the picture sign, but they may also have a sign: Attendre le feu vert = Wait for green light. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Truck drivers seeking entry into Canada who have a past criminal background including DUI can now apply for rehabilitation. Basic eligibility to apply for Canada immigration to work as Truck Driver in Canada The age should be within 25 to 55 years. The log must contain his company name, his vehicle number, the license plate number and the total miles driven that day. Truck drivers, merchant marines, longshore workers, and employees of port facilities, as well as anyone else that need to enter a secure maritime facility or ship will require a TWIC card. Officials on both sides of the border have informed the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) that drivers will face additional scrutiny and questioning. Fuel: Diesel is sold by the liter. The U.S and Canadian travel restrictions have been extended until January 21st, 2021 but it seems likely they will stay in place until at least June unless there is a sudden improvement in containing the virus. If you do not have PAPS then stop before the border at the truck parking provided and go walk into US Customs and say you need to see your Broker. Here is information on the program and how to apply. The other document can be a passport, a birth certificate, a naturalization certificate or any other document that shows proof of identity and citizenship of the United States or Canada. Send paperwork to your customs broker at least two hours before you arrive at customs. Your best place to exchange money is right at the border crossing, on the Canadian side, at a currency exchange location. As such, if you’re interested in obtaining a job as a trucker in Canada, you’ll need to apply through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). … Provinces and territories across Canada have … Arrive at the POE and present you PARS paperwork and let it all happen from there. Box 2 is where you put your name. That adds fresh anxiety to an already high-stress job. – “Social distancing” is the catchphrase of the year, but for longhaul truck drivers that has been a reality forever. It is illegal. No. Fax this to the Customs Broker and make a second copy. Here is some more information for truck drivers entering into Canada. Immigration regulations and policies have long held that alien truck drivers may qualify for admission as B-1 visitors for business to pick up or deliver cargo traveling in the stream of international commerce.Truck drivers must meet the general entry requirements as a visitor for business (B-1 classification) set forth in section 101(a)(15)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (INA) and the Department of State regulations. Special considerations for the province of Quebec: This province is officially French-speaking. Line Release is a bar code that the shipper has attached to the Commercial Invoice. Permanent residents and citizens of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to obtain a FAST (Free and Secure Trade Program) card, which offers faster border clearance for pre-authorized shipments. Box 7 with the date you are crossing. Get you paperwork from the Broker and go back to your truck and then head for US Customs with the unit. The date line at the the bottom is the date you filled out this form. ... will disqualify a driver from entering Canada as that country treats DWI as a criminal offense. Entering Mexico. Driver’s license must have accident free record. Firearms: Don't even think about bringing a gun into Canada. Again if more that one, use 'VARIOUS'. There are three simple steps to follow: If so, they will be required to have advanced authorization through the ESTA. Serving Car & Truck … What You Need to Know About Operating in Canada. This may expedite the process up to 30 minutes. Most truck drivers searching for employment in Canada begin by entering the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that gets them acce… Location of goods is where you put the plate numbers of your truck and trailer or trailers. When faxing to the Customs Broker, attach a cover letter stating which Port Of Entry (POE) you are using. A2: No, the driver may hold a valid license for the type of vehicle operated that is issued by the Mexico’s Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT). “But they will attempt to prioritize the efficient movement of truck drivers and goods as much as possible moving forward,” the alliance said in a statement. However, I am leaving it up in case it may be of some assistance. Column 1 is where you put the Bill of Lading or Commercial Invoice Number. What if my licence or registration is about to expire? The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) offers a number of other programs designed to pre-approve commercial transporters and offer a more streamlined approach for truck drivers at the border. 1. of pkgs. According to the CBSA, one such program, Partners in Protection, employs the use of industry partners "to share the responsibility of securing the supply chain," while the Commercial Driver Registration Program identifies frequent drivers with low-risk goods and expedites the border-crossing process. Two official, government-issued forms of identification must be presented to Canadian customs officials, including a commercial driver's license. Period Degel: Thaw period. Alberta has joined other provinces in granting truck drivers an exemption from the 14-day quarantine required for those crossing the border from the United States.