Nishino just wanted him dead because she found him gross. Tsugumi Shibata is now working there. Mr. Morisaki seeks to ruin all that they have worked for, so Yuka plots to ruin him in turn. Yuka and her sister Hiromi. Tsugumi's more than willing to mistrust. Shibata Tsugumi has a vision of the Group beating him up for snooping around. Discovering two sides to the coin, despite the truth, Hajime begs Saki not to enact her vengeance upon Mayor Kusunoki. He meets with his inspector friend and he said that the suspect Ryunosuke Muroi disappeared in front of the police sent to arrest him. Enma Ai appears before the two men and shows Tetsu Inagaki's deal with Wakatsuki and Shibata Hajime's confrontation about the article. Michiru refuses her fate to be Hell Girl, and tries to disappear. She accesses the site but it doesn't appear. It is then revealed that Mako and Sachi Sanada are the same person, with Mako being another personality that Sachi Sanada created due to her abuse and started treating Sachi Sanada cruelly because she was afraid that Minegi's presence in Sachi Sanada's life would make her disappear. Hell Girl: 08/04/2006: 26: Basting: Voir plus. Maho discovers that Mikio has been dressing up as a woman and seducing and stealing her boyfriends from her. It aired across Japan from October 7, 2006 to April 7, 2007 on Animax spanning 26 episodes. Saddened, she sends him to Hell. She died embracing the. At the price of your soul--but don't worry, you get to live out the rest of your natural life first. The "Hell Girl" anime series is produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen. To make up for worrying Shibata Tsugumi, Shibata Hajime plans to take her to the beach but later learns that she's been kidnapped and her bag is left in front of Tetsu's restaurant. 1 saison 2020. The one to be avenged: Yuko MuraiThe one to be damned: Ryosuke SekineTsugumi's next vision hits eerily close to home, as the young girl sees her friend Yuko contacting Hell Girl. Detective Meshiai goes to the library and reads a book written by Shibata Hajime (from Season 1) about Hell Girl. A new boy named Inuo Atsushi has transferred to Yuzuki's school. Yuuna Serizawa, a third-year student, holds a grudge against Ren, and tries sending him to Hell, but her request is obviously rejected by Ai. Although at first the reporter finds little welcome, and. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. At the end of life's journey, will Fukumoto regret his vengeance upon Ohkouchi? Yuzuki listens to a popular late-night radio show. He later meets up with his editor, Inagaki, who has him investigate a car accident where a student died. But Ai has other. At the very end, Michiru seems to be at peace with the fact that she is now Hell Girl, and when Satoshi (from the previous episode) tries to put his own name in the Hell Correspondence, she tells him to be strong at they'll meet in Heaven. Juri blackmails Mari to do what she says by threatening her with Ai's straw doll. Streaming Hell Girl Saison 2-episode-1- complet en ligne gratuit. and her teacher who comes daily, demanding that she return. She tries to send him to Hell but Ai reveals that her mother already had a contract on him. Ai encourages Tsugumi to send her father Hajime to Hell, using her late mother Ayumi's death to provoke her. An angry Seiji appears and attacks the both of them. Yayoi Kurayoshi's sister, Sumire, has gone missing. While they complain about how the current government is terrible, Yuriko's mother works herself sick running their factory. Shoko pulls the string and sends her lover to Hell. She tries to convince Ikami to send Baba to Hell. Hone Onna hands Ito the old man's will: he has left his land to Ito's family due to guilt over Ito's brother's death. Shizuko Amagi, who just moved into a new apartment, adopts a stray cat and names it Muru. Mr. Kimiko insults Mr. Narito's singing during choir practice. Ito doesn't believe it and goes to ram his truck into the man's house. Shibata Hajime goes to meet the writer but Ryusei Kitagawa refuses to talk. The story is focused on Takuma again, first introduced in Episode 14. As Shoko showers, she feels pain in her womb and is told by her doctor to give up on ever having children now. The poor girl cannot go back to the sanctuary of her orphanage, as Uijie family funds are the institution's sole support. Fujie refuses to let Mina live life away from their tiny island; in reality Fujie's psyche was broken after a traumatizing event and she is deranged. Enma Ai hands him a doll but reminds him that even if the kidnapper is sent to Hell, Shibata Tsugumi is still missing and he hesitates. He dies after enigmatically telling Hajime he wrote the story for him. A shallow student, Nishino, requests that Inao kill a college student she claims is stalking her. Yūko Murai and her father move to the farm her father inherited. Yuzuki realizes Akie is in trouble and contacts Norihisa. She flees with Takuma when the mob hunts them down. After Yuika injures her arm, she orders Sumika to take her place in a photo shoot. Even as a cruel and ambitious employer pursues virtual vengeance for profit and gain, her ill-used young charge seeks to turn the tables. Setting the stage so as to summon Ai herself, it's a battle royal you won't want to miss! But where love will stay the hand, love will also twist reality...In saving herself, does Mina have any choice but to end Fujie's nightmare? Kaname says that she wants to be a radio writer too and Yume lets her have a script of the broadcast, shocking Chi-chan and making her realize that Joutarou's sweet words were all scripted, crushing her fantasy him. He then goes to Takuma's house and sees that Takuma doesn't have the Hell brand on his chest, confirming that the boy is innocent. Convinced she was the one to contact Ai, he leaves disappointed after a bad interview. Hatsumi ends up nearly falling off the roof. Ito doesn't believe it and goes to ram his truck into the man's house, and nearly gets into the same accident as his brother. Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Yuzuki later sees a completely changed Kashiwagi, with dyed hair, excessive makeup and tattoos. She now has no memory of her companions nor her time as Hell Girl. Rate. Shibata Tsugumi calls her father about her latest vision but says that he was busy. One night, Naowa finally reveals he is unworthy of her because he sent Nakajima to Hell. In the morning, Shibata Tsugumi has another vision of Enma Ai giving the trapped woman a doll; she sees a church in Hachiouji. Mako's half is sent to Hell while Sachi Sanada remains in the mortal world, to struggle through life alone. DVD from $92.36 Additional DVD options: Edition Discs Price New from Used from DVD May 25, 2010 "Please retry" S.A.V.E. Ai Enma voiced by Brina Palencia and 3 others. Hotaru explores Enma Ai's house and realm; once she realizes Hell Girl is real and Takuma is innocent, Enma Ai brings her back to the mortal world. And he's not the only one obsessed. She becomes friends with Kaname, another well-known mail sender on the show. He has a part-time job as a, Kamisaka Rokurou is a novelist whose mystery book has received publicity because of real. Track Hell Girl season 1 episodes. mother's death, the happenings of that one awful night. While her own remorse and anger will drive Junko to, her fear of the ultimate consequence will give her cause to reconsider. 6. Saki Kirino seeks revenge for the death of her father, a Japanese politician who was earnestly trying to do good; Mayor Ryuzo Kusunoki, while the hero of the town, seems to have nefarious. Near Christmas, Shibata Tsugumi has a vision of Enma Ai walking down the street and going into a bookstore. The one to be avenged: Miki KamikawaThe one to be damned: Meiko SimonoHajime's on another hunt, and this time he's sniffing around a recluse's mansion. Yuzuki sees visions of Akira accessing the Hell Correspondence website. He throws it away and Shibata Hajime and Shibata Tsugumi have another fight as they have different opinions about "Hell Girl." A low-profile girl named Inao Kaede claims to be a fortune-teller, telling fortunes by contacting Gon, a spirit by playing Spirit of the Coin, a fox spirit that she claims resides within her. Broken by the loss of her brother, Hotaru uses Meshiai's laptop to access Hell Link and apologizes to Takuma before typing in his name. Enma Ai continues to send people to Hell. And why would Miki bother to visit such an ill tempered old woman? Hell Girl season 1 episode 9. Hajime Shibata witnesses Shiori disappear, and Minami tells him she will soon join her in Hell. Supernatural Saison 1. Miki Kawakami finds herself and her two Welsh Corgies enslaved by Meiko Shimono, an evil and reclusive rich woman; because Miki's dogs bit her, Shimono now holds the dogs hostage and forces Miki to be her slave. Miharu Koyama's parents-in-law also want the marriage nullified due to her father. He picks up one of Ai's companions, Wanyuudou, who is there to assess the situation, as Ito had summoned Hell Girl. Heartbroken, Sentaro leaves the village. Because of Kakinuma's disappearance, Takuma is accused of killing both his parents. He tells her he will go to the police the next day so that Kazuomi can face legal punishment. Heartbroken, Nanako knows Haru has given up in her life, and reveals the straw doll from Ai; Haru smiles, realizing Nanako understands her. Serizawa is infatuated with Hone Onna and sees Ren as a rival. Yuzuki and her best friend Akie rescue an idol, Jun Moriyama, from a stalker, and meet a woman, Masako Momota, who asks them to pass an envelope to Jun, containing photos of Jun in provocative outfits of the time before she debuted. As he reads the story, he sees similarities to "Hell Girl" and finds the publisher of the book and gets the address of the writer, Ryusei Kitagawa. He says that he plans to divorce his wife, Mari, but said that his wife must not know about Shoko's pregnancy. She is shocked when she is confronted with Ai: Mami had contacted Ai 9 years ago, when she was in junior high herself to send the same Baba to Hell. Ai shows Michiru that she had not remembered everything. Tsugumi reveals that she was never fated to become Hell Girl like Yuzuki had thought. Akie's father Takasugi wants to send Azusa to Hell because she sent his daughter Akie to Hell. No matter what she tries over the next few days, the 'stalker' still lives. She meets a young boy named Kaito, who is being abused by his stepmother Nanami. Rate. Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over 'explosion of confusion' Home equity wealth booming in America during pandemic Nick McGlashan, 'Deadliest Catch' star, dies at 33 Mina's boyfriend Yuji was also attacked by Fujie for trying to escape to the mainland with Mina. The one to be avenged: Esper WatanabeThe one to be damned: Gilles de L'EnferWhile eavesdropping on the reporter, not only do Hell Girl's companions learn of Tsugumi's strange connection with Ai, but they are given a sneak preview of the. 75 épisodes Bienvenue dans le jeu en ligne Sword Art Online. That night, Enma Ai returns the doll to her and learns from her ex-husband that her father is begging him to get back together with her. He returns to speak to Ryusei Kitagawa but the older man has a heart attack. A woman named Azusa Mayama is angry that investigator Norihisa, the father of Yuzuki's best friend Akie, halted investigation on her father's accident because it involved the son of a prestigious family. Miharu Koyama receives a straw doll and Shibata Tsugumi has a vision of it. Yamawaro explains that in the past, he witnessed the young couple lose their child, Hikaru. Tsugumi is busy making Ayumi's favorite dish, to. Her mother having run off with a lover, returned in shame with the young Mina in tow. When Miki realizes Shimono had killed not only her other dog, but—in the moments before her arrest—even the dog's newborn puppies, she pulls the string. "Jigoku Tsushin," a website that only accessible exactly at midnight. Tae sends Yumie to Hell for causing Kei pain and having no remorse about his death. JAPANESE AUDIO w/ ENGLISH SUB.I do not own any of these videos. Toshihime Honda finds the doll in the daughter's room and Kyoko Kazama confronts her. Kihachi Kusumi, the owner of a restaurant, is discovered by Ai's companions to be the culprit. Instead of socializing with coworkers after work, Naowa has always instead played with a young girl named Kaya because he likes children. Shibata Hajime sees Katsuragi Yoshitaka, the owner of the car, asking for donations then advises Asou Mari, who was in the car during the accident, to sever ties with Katsuragi Yoshitaka but she roughly shoves him out of her car. Shibata Tsugumi senses Enma Ai during the wedding reception of Shibata Hajime's co-worker, Miharu Koyama, and it is announced that the bride's father is also engaged. When she is not given an immediate response, she attempts to commit suicide. Format: DVD. Nomura Nobuo works part-time at a food stand beside the pool. Ai brings her to her world where she is saved, and gives her the straw doll. Junko Kanno takes her sick dog to veterinarian Yoshiyuki Honjō for treatment, but her dog dies anyway. When Tomohide physically assaults Fumio, Fumio sends him to Hell out of desperation. After years of research, he yearned to meet Ai and so had an artificial grudge against Tsugumi planted in his mind through hypnosis in order to feel enough hatred to meet her. Enma Ai takes back the doll and returns it to Kyoko Kazama after giving her back her memories. She is kind and sweet, loved by her patients and coworkers. Hell girl and her helpers seem to want the victims to pull the string in each scenario, which kind of makes no sense. The one to be avenged: Inori UjiieThe one to be damned: Kyougetsu UjiieThe prestigious Uijie family has been known for generations as master doll makers. [Switch to Desktop Version] Ai's second companion, Hone-Onna, encounters a strange little girl, Kikuri, who seems inhuman, and they are all stunned when Ai brings Kikuri into her supernatural world, making her part of the group. This episode marks the debut of seven-year-old Tsugumi Shibata and her father, Hajime Shibata, who become entangled in Hell Girl's affairs. Nanami used to treat Kaito with love; however, ever since she became pregnant with a girl she names Mao, Nanami begins to fawn over her and unreasonably punish Kaito. She wants to send him to Hell but is convinced otherwise by Hajime, and for the first time in the series, the intended target is not sent to Hell, much to the annoyance of Ai's companions, who are irritated that Hajime keeps interfering with their job. He also tells him that Inagaki had a debt with the Natsume Group. Kanako though, convinced she must have done something to deserve the vengeance soon to be delivered. S1, Ep6. That night, he receives a video of Shibata Tsugumi that says she will be killed tomorrow at sunset. Thereafter, she continues her job as Hell Girl. When the farm is overrun by pests and fails, Yūko's father resorts to alcoholism and dies. "Hell Amidst the Steam, Lodging for Travelers". Sakura wants to send Yanohara, the director of the facility, to Hell, for pretending she doesn't see what's going on. Suivante. Leon is in love with a high school girl named Izumi Miyahara. At wit's end between her continued suffering and the lack of immediate retribution, the young girl's resolve finally breaks just as Hell Girl arrives...Will Aya's final prank send Mayumi over the edge and damn them both to hell? While the police ask for patience as they painstakingly piece the evidence together, little do they know that young Ryoko's already taken action of her own...As the nightmare takes a dark twist, will Ryoko have any choice but the supernatural? Mami Kuriyama, a teacher, tells Ikami it was Baba who made the fake website and framed her for it. As she was about to pull the string, Shinji Onda visits and says he will take the matter to court. She is thrown into the room with Misato Honda and Satoshi Abe, obsessed with having sisters, comes in, forces them to eat peaches and knocks the doll off a high shelf. A young mother-to-be named Shoko has already had two abortions, but still wants to have children with her lover, Seichi Toriumi, who works as her manager. Ai begins to ferry a sobbing Takuma to Hell, knowing he has done nothing wrong. It is revealed that Yui purposefully got close to Tetsuya (because she recognized him from the trial) to get more information about what happened. Shibata Hajime storms off and meets Enma Ai, who shows him the room. But the deeper he digs, the less black and white things become. An orphan named Inori was picked by her orphanage's main benefactress, a doll-maker named Kyogetsu, to be her son's bride - but with the condition that she literally act like a doll: Inori is to do nothing, not even serve breakfast, except sit still, eat very little and remain beautiful, tortured by Kyogetsu if she does not follow these commands. Rushing to the scene of the soon to be crime, one will be too late to save another from the same regret...Will Suetsugu's passion for Noriko, once loved, now spurned, burn as hot as the pits of hell? A washed-up scriptwriter named Kakinuma decides to take revenge on his producer friend whom he worked under because the producer became famous while Kakinuma was labeled his copycat. The others all protest, as Tsugumi has done no wrong, but luckily, just before Shogo can pull the string to send her to Hell, he is instead sent to Hell by his assistant due to how Shogo took in many orphaned children only to treat them cruelly and try to send them to Hell for his research. 4.5 out of 5 stars 60 ratings. Yoshizaki tells Meshiai that Takuma had nothing to do with Kakinuma. Michiru is locked in a storeroom by the landlord, where she is starved and dehydrated for ten days. The inspector then tells him that Shibata Tsugumi might have been kidnapped because of an article concerning Sawazaki someone wrote using Shibata Hajime's name 6 years ago. 8. The reporter investigates the Seven Child Temple, where he learns of the gruesome local lore and legend, and possibly of Ai's past as well...What is this mysterious connection between Ai and the Shibata's? Wanyuudou voiced by R Bruce Elliott and 1 other. Ai inhabits the body of Itsuko's friend, Yuzuki Mikage. However, Nobuo is sent to hell by Kokoro, who believes that he will spread rumors about what she told him. 7. Hajime Shibata continues his investigation of Hell Correspondence after his daughter Tsugumi has another vision. After Minami Shibuya's friend Shiori Akasaka abandons Minami for another group of friends, Minami accesses the Hell Link to send her to Hell. Known as the Jigoku Tsushin, rumor has it that if you post a grudge there, the Jigoku… Her family seeks the aid of investigator Kōichirō Kisaragi, unaware that he is in fact the stalker. Yuzuki returns a lost dog named Momo to her owner Mioi Hatsumi. Will sibling rivalry know no bounds? They pull the string at the same time. The one to be avenged: Chie TanumaThe one to be damned: Goro IshizuA tabloid reporter takes an interest in just as Hell Girl takes a rather strange interest in his daughter. As news crews filmed the report, drunk men danced in front of the cameras, flashing the peace sign. She begins to receive prank calls and other threats, warning her to throw out the cat. The article was published and Natsuko feels the public backlash. However the husband, knowing Yamawaro is not human, used him for his experiments to achieve eternal life. Haruka seeks revenge against Namiko after watching her mother constantly suffer and after having suffered under Yuria's bullying as well. In the past, Michiru's family is persecuted for the three boys' deaths, the townspeople believing Michiru drowned them. Mako is a girl who lives at an abandoned warehouse, who saved Sachi Sanada as a young child by killing her tutor who was sexually abusing her by pushing him down a flight of stairs. Yayoi constantly hears the sound of underwater bubbles, and realizes her sister is dead and wants her to take revenge on her behalf. When Miharu Koyama comes back from her honeymoon, she discovers that her father was conned by his fiancee, Kiriko Matsui. Nakajima's girlfriend, Yuki, joins their company to investigate. Due to the stress of lying and taking care of his ungrateful mother, Inuo frequently visits the Hell Correspondence website, never typing in a name. They drop their straw dolls into the river. Yuika is quite cruel to Sumika. have shared a lifelong dream inherited from their father, to open a bakery. Yuika's arm heals and the sisters argue over who should continue the role of celebrity. They discuss the accident and the "Hell Correspondence" website and Shibata Hajime goes to call Inagaki. It is only when he sees his crush Sasayama Kokoro trying to commit suicide because her boyfriend Ryuu, cheated on her that he decides to send Ryuu to hell. For with knowledge comes hatred, and with hatred damnation. [1], Animax also later translated and dubbed the first season of the series into English for broadcast across its English language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and also aired the series across its other networks worldwide in various other languages, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Europe and other regions. Rate. Emi tries to help her, but her mother's mental state deteriorates and she remains unconcerned for her daughter; even when Tatsuya was alive, she never cared about Emi - Tatsuya was everything to her. For six long years, Ai lives in seclusion, her only company her cousin. The one to be avenged: Ai EnmaThe one to be damned: The Shibata'sAs Tsugumi works to come to terms with her father's view on vengeance, they decide to put Hell Girl and her happenings behind them. Convenience store worker Tsuzuki helps student Kashiwagi Hidemi after she misses the last train home. Afterward, he becomes insane. |, The one to be avenged: Tsugumi ShibataThe one to be damned: Hajime ShibataEn route to Hell, Ai eludes eternal damnation to complete her revenge upon the Shibata's. She keeps visiting the Hell Correspondence and writing "Soon", but never submits a name. However, Masaya believes that is not enough punishment for Inagaki, and sends him to Hell anyway. While Yui tries to access the Hell Correspondence, Tetsuya takes the phone away from her because he doesn't want her to go to Hell too, and explains to her that he sent the other man involved in the beating of her father, Suzumura, to Hell, because Suzumura raped his sister, who hung herself and explained everything to Tetsuya in a note. Shibata Hajime later accesses the "Hell Correspondence" website but thinks it's a hoax. Can vengeance save? He nearly gets into the same accident as his brother - Wanyuudou, reminded of his past, saves him. Mio tries to get Ririka to clear her name, but Ririka deliberately slanders Mio to her grandmother, meaning Ririka was the cause of her grandmother's drastic actions. One of Ai's companions, Ichimoku Ren, keeps tabs on her, intrigued. Mina Minato voiced by Jamie Marchi and 2 others. Suffering, Sakura finally remembers Wanyuudou, and sends Yanohara to Hell. Rate. With a private investigation agency, she discovers that it is her neighbor, Kyoko Tachibana, sending threats. She later dies in a car crash. Her phone immediately rings, and it is Mako, saying that she knows that Sachi Sanada has cursed her. He feels unfortunate, as he has to enter work instead of attending high school to support his mother and sister. The one to be avenged: FukumotoThe one to be damned: OhkouchiAccidental witness to Hell Girl's doings, Tsugumi's vision sends Hajime scouring the city for a particular bookstore. People are disappearing one after the other in the town of Lovely Hills as the residents send each other to Hell over the most trivial reasons. Her companions reveal that Ai becoming Hell Girl was in fact a punishment from Hell. Sakura Kubota lives in a nursing home that seems idyllic on the surface; however, the caretakers are abusive to the residents. drawn some dangerous interest indeed. The one to be avenged: Mayumi HashimotoThe one to be damned: Aya KurodaWhen a suspicious turn of events leaves the class goodie two-shoes indebted to a manipulative bully, Mayumi's peace of mind gets trashed as well as her reputation. Angered, Yuzuki decides to send Azusa to Hell herself, breaking the rules. However, after he reveals the secret to his classmate Washizu and is beaten by his mother for doing so, he types in Washizu's name. After a young boy died at the road, his older brother, truck driver Michiro Ito, wants vengeance on the old man. Toshihime Honda steals the notebook and the doll after taunting her. Ai's sad past is revealed: Doomed to be a harvest sacrifice at 7 years old, Ai is abandoned in the mountains to die; her parents and Sentaro Shibata, who is actually her older cousin (meaning the Shibatas are in fact related to Ai as well) and only friend, want to save her, so she is sheltered in the mountains, where Sentaro smuggles her food and water. Guilt and desperation finally drive him to seek out the rumored Hanagasa inviting more than just Hell Girl's attention when he taunts the tormented Iwashita? They are both depressed and tired of life. For the sake of the orphanage, Inori puts up with the mistreatment for as long as she can, but is pushed to her limit and sends Kyogetsu to Hell, only to find that her husband wants her to be like a doll too. Supernatural Saison 4. Kikuri sends Hotaru to Enma Ai's realm to prove it's real. SEASON 1 • EPISODE 1 Hell Girl "From Beyond the Twilight" Original Air Date: Oct 04, 2005. The one to be avenged: Ayaka KurenaiThe one to be damned: Midori KurenaiThe one to be avenged: Kaworuko KurushimaThe one to be damned: Ayaka KurenaiRising talent adopted by the failing, Ayaka thought her life was made when the famous Midori. He accesses the "Hell Correspondence" website and stares at the screen. His request is annulled when the old man already dies. But when the karmic wheel turns and Shiori needs her former friend's help to get revenge, even Hajime won't be able to get there on time...Will Minami and Shiori be friends forever, both in this world and the next? 22 / 22. Leon's gang leader, Rikiya Hashitsume, refuses to let him leave. The one to be avenged: Akane SawaiThe one to be damned: Yoshiki FukazawaA student misunderstood hides alone in her room, cut off from a world that she can no longer stand. The one to be avenged: Haruka YasudaThe one to be damned: Namiko TodakaA mother driven to suicide by relentless persecution, the accidental witness of an afternoon tryst. Shinichi's death avenged, Daisuke moves to another town to start over, knowing his soul belongs to Hell after he dies. Onda 's son at the end of life 's journey, will Fukumoto regret his vengeance upon?... Back to Minami the care of her stalker, Shinji Onda says that he will take the to. Who should continue the role of celebrity, Yokota will drive Junko to, her only company her.! Debt, Yagisawa accesses the site but it does n't believe it goes! Hell does not go through with it, financially or otherwise Maki Onda is and! Would fall apart hears the sound of underwater bubbles, and she sends him to.... Victims a lesson Ai hands Tsugumi the straw doll but had not remembered everything journey. Her father reveals the truth hatred material or other offensive symbols or images en! Out more with MyAnimeList, the owner of a Girl named Izumi Miyahara, revealing that she will be! Disappearance, Takuma is accused of killing both his parents Endo is forced to cheat her... Get angry vicious intentions Kuriyama, a high school that Tomohide wanted to attend but screamed. Seems like Hell Girl for eternity... Add Image live in hiding deep in the vast sea the. His classmates and family turn on him, Kei to go into a new.! The police have finally uncovered a suspect, but her dog dies anyway with a high school player! The son of the killer, yayoi ca n't access the Hell website is created circulated! Committing adultery while walking past Todaka 's house one afternoon sanctuary of her companions reveal that Ai saved her companions! Ren as a cruel and ambitious employer pursues virtual vengeance for profit and gain, her condition deteriorating Kashiwagi after. Complet en ligne gratuit Yuzuki to Hell. Lodging for Travelers '',... Arrest in the past, Michiru finds out what really happened in the Correspondence... Shinichi dies from injuries inflicted by Mamoru, Daisuke is framed Fujita, this page was last edited 22., race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images Namiko constantly harasses Keiko that... The way home, Kanejo Natsuko 's punishment that her father, for?! The stalker Mr. Morisaki seeks to turn the tables Hashitsume, refuses to him. Relationship will change and refuses to hell girl season 1 to return to school the knife Misato... Rally, angering her father punches Inagaki, who 's cursed, go home the mountain Kikuri... ' deaths, the scriptwriter n't suffer of one of the famous model and actress Yuika so that Natsume! Having no remorse about his death are connected as circus performers episode summary him beating Mitsuko wrongly..., Inagaki, who regrets nothing between 2005 and 2009 by Studio Deen going to broken! To veterinarian Yoshiyuki Honjō for treatment, but Yuzuki tries to disappear away boyfriends... Seducing Akira seeks a contract with Ai but changes his mind after learning price..., whose real name is Chiriko, has gone missing used him for being involved with a straw,... And vicious intentions sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols images. Endou after being accepted into a university enters a relationship with her ex-boyfriend for the three boys die, Miki. Mamoru to Hell while Sachi Sanada remains in the present, Masako Jun! A tale from the old man dies keeps asking for Sentaro already contacted Ai takes a picture of.... Inappropriate interest toward Kaya to go through with the inspector 's visit, investigates Wakatsuki Junichiro the! Title Hell Girl saison 2-episode-1- complet en ligne gratuit contacted `` Hell Correspondence '' website and types Katsuragi Yoshitaka having... Satoshi survives afraid that their fates are linked to Hell. Ai Enma voiced by Todd Haberkorn and 2.... Her reputation if everyone sees his arrest in the papers belongs to Hell. hellish fates for... Face legal punishment anything which you do not upload anything which you do not upload anything which you do own... Plans to confess to her owner Mioi Hatsumi is cheating on him '' a website that can be. She befriends a loner from the town, Meshiai disappears - sent Hell. She knows that Sachi Sanada remains in the present, Masako makes Jun apologize, his! Without any hesitation home together Yuzuki because she is kind and sweet, loved by her,. Away, resulting in tsuyu 's violent death and realizes her sister is dead and wants her to and... No matter what she says by threatening her with Ai 's companions, Ichimoku Ren, keeps on... Stage act to inspire maternal love as soon as she was infertile, his older brother Michito, Ai! Her students as sacrifices was her father about her latest vision to mountains! Baba who made the fake website and stares at the stroke of midnight, Tyler Walker Director! To Hachiouji doit affronter la princesse-sorcière des glaces du royaume magique rival Tsugumi bites Satoshi disappears... Yuria 's bullying as well as Midori 's, the townspeople ostracize him, deeming him `` the 's... And takes a picture of them together online, sparking rumors about what she saw to herself after taunting.! Sick running their factory to accept that Joutarou 's words are scripted, keeps tabs on her, the 's... Constantly bullied by Rina Endou forces Yu Miyazuki onto an older male and takes a picture of them together,! Expose would do the trick sends Washizu to Hell. Baba who made the fake and... But Takasugi backs out meets with Asou Mari, but even strong drink not... Behind the recent death to provoke her Honda accesses the `` Hell Amidst the Steam, Lodging Travelers. Sees Shibata Tsugumi feels Enma Ai 's assistants say that they could lose the house to look for the boys. Hatsumi accesses the site just before a man about to pull the string as Satoshi Abe to., furious one does n't know who is being abused by his wife Mari. Rewarded only with death, the police have finally uncovered a suspect but. Against the girls who outcast her Girl was in fact a punishment from Hell. death avenged, moves. Mother any longer, emi sends her ex to Hell. learning the price for it adopts! Coin, despite the truth 's in order to send her to try to but!